Why Financial Advisors Need An Amazing Website

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Imagine that you run a financial advisory firm with amazing people and awesome investment strategy, custom plans to fit everyone’s needs, and a transparent relationship that leaves your clients at ease. Now imagine that despite doing so many things right, your office is a complete wreck. It’s messy, cluttered, difficult to find, and is not nice place to be let along have your clients in. Would you want to have meetings with prospective clients in a place like that? If you did, would you blame them for not wanting to do business with you afterwards?

Let’s take this analogy one step further, shall we? So, we have already agreed that meeting your prospective client in messy office is not good business practice. That’s a no brainer. Well, what about a messy and cluttered website?  Or no website at all? In this day and age, having a poorly-designed financial advisor website can scare away your
clients even faster than an untidy office.

It is well-known fact that presentation is everything. Truth be told, you might be the best performing investment group out there, but if your website does not look convincing and trustworthy, you will be losing and never gain any clients. Perception is reality, folks!

Stand Out With A Custom Financial Advisor Website

In 2019, when finding a product or service is as simple as doing a quick Google search, a strong and attractive online presence is one of the most important things that a financial advisor can possibly do for the success of their business. Building trust and showing your expertise are the first steps in building a client base, so a sleek and modern financial advisor website built with Manik Marketing will help you do that.

Just like when bringing a prospective client into the office, that person is going to apply that same mental checklist when sifting through a financial advisor website. Keeping their lifestyle and future in mind, the client will want to ensure that their financial advisor is trustworthy, offers reliable solutions that are unique to their particular needs, affordable for their budget, and easily accessible when they need additional information or are ready to make a decision. It is extremely important that an advisor website adequately addresses each of these points of contention in order to build that much needed framework of trust that is necessary for anyone to trust you with their financial future.

Furthermore, it is important to always keep in mind that virtual presence is just as important as physical presence. So, if ever you feel for a second that your website is starting to look dated, then you should consider improving it and taking it to the next level. Because what client wants to invest with a financial advisor that cannot take care of their own site? 

Financial Advisor Website Requirements

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The key here is to ensure that your advisor website is easy to find, desktop and mobile friendly, conveys a consistent brand image, and answers all of the most common questions that a potential client might have, while leaving additional channels of communication easily accessible for when further information is needed.

Seo optimized Financial Websites

Have you ever heard that the best place to hide a dead body is on the second page of Google? All morbid jokes aside, this is as true as it gets when it comes to building a successful financial advisor website. Being readily available and easy to find through a search engine is just as important as putting signage in front of your office so people don’t just drive right by your building. We here at Manik Marketing implement a long term strategy to hep climb the rankings.

In a similar fashion, optimizing your site to adhere to ever-changing search engine algorithms is how you set yourself up for success. Having a solid foundation with quick-loading pages, correctly-formatted images, and keyword-sensitivity, will make it much easier to rise to the top of the almighty Google rankings.

Responsive Financial Web Design

A financial advisor website that is not optimized for mobile is just not practical. In 2018 alone, mobile accounted for 58% of all web traffic and 44% of all finance-related web traffic. You can have the best desktop advisor site this side of the Mississippi, but if it is not mobile-friendly, then you can kiss roughly 50% of your potential business and a decent Google rating, goodbye!

Not quite sure where you stand? Simply enter your URL in to Google’s mobile-friendly test generator, and it will let you know if your mobile site has the green light! Still not sure? Send us a quick text or email and we will check it out for ya!

Custom Layout Web Design

First impressions are vitally important to any financial advisor’s website, and it only takes seconds to form them. Poor web design that fails to capture the hearts and minds of visitors is extremely detrimental, and could cost your business thousands. You offer a custom solution to your clients financial needs, you need a custom high level website to portray that.

Your Financial Advisor Brand

financial planner brandingKeep in mind that your website is a direct extension of your brand. A website custom-built by a professional web designer can make a world of difference in creating meaningful connections with your prospective clients. 

Having the ability to actively post and edit engaging content for your visitors is a great way to convey the value that you can provide to them. This will give you the opportunity to build trust and position yourself as an expert in financial field. 

Ready to start? Ready to make the jump on your competition and give your clients what they deserve? We make it easy. Send us a text, email or phone call and we will find out the best solution to your digital problems!

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