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Was your last post in 2018 talking about the new year? We hope not! We help you manage your social media with branded profile images, cover images and branded content across all platforms.

We develop a plan to attract customers, leads or engagement and work with you on developing a monthly calendar. The great thing about working on social media platforms is the ability to micro target your exact audience. Target specific zip codes, interests, age groups and more. Let us know your goals and we will help you achieve them!

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break into a new market with social media advertising

This is a great time to be a business owner! With a plethora of social platforms you can utilize to grow your business. Developing a social media plan is IMPERATIVE to online success. 

We work directly with you to create and implement Social Media campaigns. According to a 2018 study, 77.6% of businesses say they advertise or post on social media for there business. Either you are a part of that 77.6% or you are of the remaining few that failed to see the new age powerful social media marketing. Posting on behalf of your business is a must in 2019 because:

We take care of your social media marketing

Struggling to post? Not sure what to post?

The Manik Social Crew will learn about your business, your target audience and build you a custom social media plan every month! We work with you to bring great photos, amazing content and super fun offers to get people engaged!

Have you ever seen a cool image/product on Facebook or Instagram and clicked on it? Would you click on your product or service if it popped up in your feed? If you are answering NO or not sure, you REALLY need to review your social media strategies. Let’s work together and get you back on the social side!

Increase engagement, Likes and more.

Do Your social profiles match? We make sure you stay on brand with all of your social profiles as well as your website.

We want to create cohesion between your media outlets and stay within your “voice.” Take a gander below to see what we offer to your social plan.

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If you have made it this far just send us a quick chat or email. No reason not to see what we can do for your business. If we can’t help you out, or if you’re already doing everything right, than we will tell you. We are big on integrity and honesty!

We have worked with a bunch of great clients and managing their social accounts. Its fun to learn and engage with their following. Take a look at some of our work and if you have any questions or feel like telling us how awesome we are! Let’s work together and make something awesome!

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Manik Designs- always prompt and completes the job as scheduled! This team is a delight to work with and an asset to our company!! I highly recommend Manik Designs!!👍

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