TOP 30 Ways To Market Yourself as a Realtor

With the competition soaring high, you need to market yourself effectively. Real estate is all about effective advertising. For that, try following these strategies that can make you stand out from other realtors. 

1. Get Yourself on Social Media – Set yourself up on all popular social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Pinterest. Promote the properties you are selling and make sure you earn your way into your follower’s good books.

2. Start a YouTube Channel – Set up your own YouTube channel showcasing the property you want to sell. Consider creating vlogs of these properties to attract buyers.

3. Make an Amazing Website – A website that gives a good user experience ups your ante. Make sure that it takes the user right to the property using Google Maps.

4. Use Realtor Platforms – Market yourself on websites that are a hub for realtors. Set up an account on Zillow and start sharing your listings there.

5. Set Up a Virtual Tour – Show the nooks and crannies of the property through a virtual tour. Your clients will appreciate the idea and will only approach you if they are serious about the property, saving you valuable time.

6. Go Pro on Instagram – Use Instagram stories, upgrade your profile and post noteworthy content. Add hashtags to your posts as well. This will show your posts in searches for landmarks or events in your locality.

7. Create Your Own Blog – Start your own blog so that potential buyers can become familiar with what you offer through your writings as they search for properties over the internet.

8. Conduct Seminars – Host seminars to connect with buyers by disseminating information about the market and your agency. Inform and educate clients to build a strong relationship with them that will go a long way.

9. Reach Out to Influencers – Collaborate with your local influencers, be they vloggers or Instagrammers who may not even be related to real estate. Content Content Content!

10. Use Professional Photographs – Great photos do an excellent job of grabbing the attention of potential customers. Invest in a good camera if you can pull off great photos or else hire a professional.

11. Be Accessible – Be accessible to people and try to actively take up calls from interested parties.

12. Try Public Speaking – Speaking about what you do will help you connect with the masses. Try joining local chambers or networking groups in your area.

13. Market the Neighborhood – People feel more comfortable when they know the surroundings of the property they are looking forward to purchase. Give your audience a good slice of the neighborhood and the facilities they can expect there.

14. Write in Your Local Newspaper – Start building your name as an expert in the arena by writing for newspapers. Put your listings in it or write columns targeting your field.

15. Sponsor Events – Consider sponsoring events in your locality such as concerts, school events and fundraising campaigns. It is the best way to market your agency offline.

16. Do It the Old-School Way – Nothing can replace the charming effect of mail. Send post cards and handwritten thank-you notes to your buyers and clients. Try to be everywhere!

17. Market What You Are Selling – Do not focus solely on yourself. Market the houses and properties which you want to sell because at the end of the day, it’s the property that the customers are most interested in.

18. Know Your Neighborhood – Build up a relationship with the people in your locality through social events and gatherings or attend charity functions to make yourself more real to people.

19. Make Your Content Unique – Whatever you write or post, make sure it’s one of a kind. Unique content is what will make you stand out from your competition. VIdeos convert at a higher %!

20. Be Up for Answering Questions – Never hesitate to answer the queries of customers on your webpage. Always try to answer their questions in the best possible way.

21. Partner Up with Small Businesses in Your Area – Partner with other businesses to increase your reach. You can also consider giveaways to increase the presence of your agency in your locality.

22. Set Yourself Apart – Use creative ideas to spice up your page. You can use specific items which will leave an impression on those who visit your webpage. Try using decor items which people can refer to as they talk about the property posted on your page.

23. Touch Lives and Be Memorable – To gain a good reputation, you need to build trust among your future clients. Help out people by offering alternatives and solutions to their problems through your blog posts and web page.

24. Get a Nice Business Card – Get your business card printed and hand it out. A decent card will increase your chances of getting calls from customers. Dont skimp on the quality and design! Go Pro!

25. Optimize Your Facebook Page – Facebook has evolved into a marketing hub, so consider customizing your Facebook page and try setting up paid campaigns. This is a very basic overview. Look out for our future blog post about optimizing your Facebook business page!

26. Start Live Streaming – Live streams on social media are irresistible as most users end up clicking on them. Take advantage of that and host live streams of the properties you want to sell.

27. Go Heavy on Social Sharing – Make sure social media sharing options are prominent on your webpage. Buyers enjoy sharing the properties they like with their friends and family. Make sure you let them do that.

28. Be Up for Experiments – Throw a party or organize a meetup with former clients and listen to what they have to share. A face-to-face interaction will be worth a thousand shares on a social media platform.

29. Use Referrals – Create a referral system and ask your former clients to refer you to the people they know.

30. Optimize Your Website – Boost the ranking of your site on Google search results by using niche keywords. Create several pages targeting these keywords to market your work efficiently. Having a website is the first step, optimizing that page and implementing content on a regular basis is key!

Bottom Line – The more you put yourself out there, the better. The tips mentioned above can help you make your mark in the world of real estate through marketing. Let us know if you would like any help with your marketing plans. We work with everyone!


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