Reliant Wealth planning project overview

Reliant and Manik have developed power point presentations, print materials and most recently a brand spankin’ new website. We are super excited for the launch of the new site and seeing all of their print materials, client handouts and website all under a great brand.

financial planner website 6

Website & Branding Challenge, Solution & Effect

Challenge: Reliant Wealth Planning is located in Middletown, Ky on the east side of Louisville. Reliant Wealth Planning is a financial/wealth planning firm with desire  to show their clients comfort trust and understanding.  Reliant reached out to us to submit a bid on re configuring and redesigning their client investment portfolio pieces. Since redesigning their presentation piece Reliant has kept a tight relationship with Manik Marketing on all of their re-branding and redesign of various print materials.  

Solution: Most recently Reliant saw the benefit in having a custom designed and branded website and we are eagerly awaiting its launch (stay tuned) Reliant was not looking for just a design team, they wanted a professional that they can lean count on. Being a wealth advisor is all about taking care of others and making them feel comfortable. Manik Marketing is here to help Reliant show that to the people of Louisville. 

Effect: Since implementing the newly designed marketing pieces and website Reliant can now be proud of both their online presence and print material for their large list of financial clients in the Louisville area. 

Website Design
Custom Website - Hosting - Photography
Graphic Design
Presentation Design - Brochure - Banner Stand