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Manik Marketing loves partnering with new, growing and established businesses on developing their brand. We go in-depth within your company and learn about what makes your business stand out.

We have developed brands from scratch, reconfigured brands, and reconditioned old brands and given them a fresh new life. Will you be next?

Every business should partner with Manik Marketing. It’s a no brainer. and Manik Marketing is here to make your business look AWESOME!

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Branding your business is a combination of visual elements, type-faces, images and more that will convey a centralized message of who you are.

Designing and developing a memorable brand should be your goal. Your business needs to stand out from its competitors and have laser focus on who their target market is.  We learn about your business and start the process of laying a solid foundation for building your brand. Or Re-branding your brand…does that make sense? Sounds good.

Your Marketing Department

We like to think of ourselves as a marketing department within your business.  We focus on a few select elements that help to build a powerful brand. Branding yourself correctly and telling your businesses story is paramount in the success of your overall marketing.

Creation of powerful, memorable design elements such as logos, print collateral, signage, packaging, digital media, social media design, and website design.

What does your business stand for? How do you define it? Why does it exist? WE exist for you!

We work with you on developing a look, brand and feeling to help build your company values. This gives you, your employees and customers a guideline to follow in everyday happenin’s

Are you serious? Are you modern? Are you qwerky? Are you Manik? Companies want to have a voice of establishment. Create cohesion across all marketing efforts. Imagery, wording, graphics and more compile and mix together to create your voice! HALLELUYAH!

Images and photos that match your voice. Choose images that help portray your brand and get people FEELING your business.

So what will it take to develop your custom brand design? We answer a few of the questions you may have on your mind below.

First step is to admitting your brand has a problem, just kidding. The first step is learning as much as we can about your business and working with you on what your vision is.

Creating a brand can be very extensive. As you know there is a lot of thought, research and creativity involved in creating a full on branding package. We usually like to shoot for 30 to 90 days dependent on extent of the project. This gives us enough time to learn, research, brainstorm and dream about your new brand.

You can be! Don’t forget its your business too! We encourage employees, owners and more to send ideas, photos, company culture and more to our design team. This really lets us dive deep in your brand. If you want to be more hands off and let the Manik posse take the reigns that’s cool too! We have many years experience from creating brands from scratch, rebranding and logo creation. Don’t worry we have your back!

While every businesses needs are different. A full branding package with logo, style sheet, imagery and more ranges between $3500 to $20000 depending on scope.Big range we know but we just want to be open and honest! Branding your business is a BIG deal!

What about it? If you have a current site and are looking to add your “new identity” we can surely help. We can create any file type you need and send it away to your website maintenance team. If you need a new website or don’t have a website please check out our web design page here Website Services. Or send us a quick email on how to proceed with connecting all your branding!

You may think your logo is your brand, and it is a very important part of the puzzle. Think of your brand as an iceburg, the tip of the iceburg is your logo. Your logo is what is seen by the eye, but your brand is about what people feel, how they perceive your company, and what your company stands for.

be remembered!

Let’s work together and build your brand NOW! We have worked with many businesses around Kentucky and beyond to brand themselves, their business and their service.

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[Manik] is always on-point. They are quick and creative, and they understand exactly what I need. I wouldn't use anyone else.

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