Marketing terms to know!(FOR FUN)

Marketing Terms To Know So You Don’t Feel Stupid In A Meeting

Marketing Terms

At our marketing agency, we are driven to progressing your business through your website so that your business not only grows but flourishes. We are focused on optimizing your website in a way that it drives action from your audience.

Industry Terms To Understand

  • Branding– Creating an identity or encompassing all aspects of your business so you become a household name. Great Marketing & Advertising will get you there.
  • Advertising– Calling the publics attention. Any placement that is paid to showcase your business, product or service.
  • Marketing -Process of creating and delivering your message, showcasing, promoting, selling
  • PPC– Pay per click, users click on your advertisement and in turn you pay the platform. Google, Bing, Linkedin etc.
  • SEO- Search Engine Optomization. The process of relating keywords on your website to search engines. In turn will raise your ranking on Google.
  • Positioning– Where your business occupys the market. Example: Luxury, performance, efficiently, budget. Where would Rolls Royce’s position be? Most likely Luxury.
  • Demographics– A sector of the population for which you would appeal to or market towards. Example: If you sell womens shoes your demographic would be Women! Simple!
  • Typography– The look, appearance and style of a font or printed material. Consists of kerning, leading, fonts and letters.
  • Proof-First draft of a project that has been designed and sent to the customer for visual approval. Usually the business will “sign off” meaning it is ready for print, delivery or to “go live”
  • White Space– Or negative space is the space where copy, graphics or phots are not used. Designers utilize white space to not overwhelm the consumer as well as keep a clean fresh design. White space is good!
  • Lorem Ipsum– Simply dummy copy. Used when the final copy is not yet completed or available. Used as an example of finalized text. Example: dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit.

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