MANIK MINUTE: 5 Reasons Why You Need a [working] Website For Your Louisville Business in 2019

5 Things Your Website Needs NOW If you Want To Do Business In Louisville, KY

So you have a website for your business and you think its just the bees knees. But is it really? Are you receiving traffic? Are consumers/clients engaged and getting the answers to their questions? These are just a few simple items to think of. Your business website is a 24/7 365 salesperson. A place someone can go and learn about your business, service or product. They may just need a phone number or an email.Do you have it? Is it easily accessible? People make a split second decision of when they first see your site. 

  • Is it loading quickly?
  • Is it engaging
  • Is it a mobile friendly site?
  • Is your contact information easily accessible?

These may sound like no-brainers but alot of websites online make it super difficult to get a hold of you and you may not even know it.  

The 5 Things Your Business Website Must Have Are...

1. Phone number and Email; Is your phone number visible before the fold of your site? Is your phone number clickable? Meaning if a customer clicks on your phone number does it autoload into their phone? We want to keep the steps to contact you low so your conversion rates are high. 

2. Contact Form; If you require certain information from your client to streamline a quote or forward to a certain department implementing a custom form for your website is key. For instance let’s say you have a roofing business. A few items you may want to implement would be name, phone, email, sq.footage, business or residential and area of town. With this small amount of information this quote could be forwarded to your commercial division or perhaps you may not service the area of which your customer is requesting service.  

3.  About Us Page; Everything is personable now. With Facebook and Instagram allowing users to open their lives up to the internet your customers may want to learn more about you and your company to see if your ideas, photos of your staff or learn about your history. Its all about building a relationship and if you can start to build a relationship before even talking with a client you have a higher chance of closing that sale. 

4. Testimonials; Testimonials on your website are HUGE. Let me say that again TESTIMONIALS ARE HUGE!!! If a prospect can see a positive experience with your business than that will give them more reason to work with you and your team. Implementing this on a home page of your website is a great way to show-off your stellar customer service record and build trust within your company. 

5. Mobile Friendly Website; Does your website load quickly and formate correctly on a mobile device? I hope so. The last thing you want is someone finding your business online and they cant see your text because it is scaled to small or have to scroll sideways on your site to get to the information they need. Having a mobile friendly design starts with having the right framework built into your website as well as properly sized and designed content. Manik Marketing makes sure all of our websites look AMAZING on mobile and desktop. If youre not sure if your website is mobile friendly ask us and we will take a look!

Thanks for sticking around to read the 5 Things your Website needs if you want to do business in Louisville. Take a look around and let us know how we can make your website look and perform Awesome! 

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