Business Marketing During Coronavirus (COVID-19)

So, your storefront is closed. Now what?!

We understand this is a difficult time for most businesses. Especially businesses forced to close such as retail, restaurants, spas, hairdressers, auto sales, in-home services and more. We can all agree that every single business is touched in some way from this pandemic. We want to help you through this time by offering a few tips and links that may provide help to you and your business.

Things you can be doing now:

  1. Be sure to stay connected with your customer base.
  2. Being active on social media, posting videos of you and your team.
  3. If you are open for business be sure to tell your customers YOU ARE OPEN!
  4. If you are open, show the community how you are following CDC guidelines, i.e. clean vehicles, hand sanitizer and more.
  5. Be sure to direct customers to your website, social media and other avenues to contact your team.

Questions to ask yourself:

  1. Is your website and general marketing up to date and easily accessible?
  2. Is your digital presence and marketing getting views, clicks and leads?
  3. Could your business survive another pandemic type situation? Flood, storms, natural disasters that would require you to close for a certain amount of time and rely solely on your digital presence?

These are questions that need to be answered. This is a prime example of just how important your digital marketing and web presence is. Be ready to pivot at a moments notice and you will succeed!

We are standing by ready to answer any questions or help guide you in the right direction. Let us know how we can help today. Remember we are all going to get through this!

Download our “WHAT YOUR BUSINESS SHOULD BE DOING DURING COVID-19 SHUTDOWN” list! We wanted to give you some marketing tips that your business can be doing to continue to operate digitally.

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