Two CHicks and company boutique Project Overview

Two Chicks and company is a local boutique serving both Lexington and Louisville. We have been working with them on their marketing efforts and social media marketing to increase engagement, brand awareness and photography.

Partnering with Two Chicks and Co has been AMAZING to say the least. A few projects we have worked on with TCC are:

  • Ecommerce website design
  • Print Materials
  • Email Marketing
  • Postcard Mailers
  • Graphic Design
  • Branding
  • Social Media Management
  • and more!

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Website & Marketing Challenge, Solution & Effect

Challenge: Two Chicks and company is a large boutique serving the Louisville and Lexington areas. They specialize in higher end AMAZING boutique and Kentucky branded items. You need to stop by and see their Christmas and Derby store its AMAZING! Anyways Two Chicks & Co. saw their competition on social media, Facebook, Instagram, etc. posting with custom branded images, sales, products and more. They knew if they wanted to stay as one of the top boutiques in the state they would need to work with a marketing company here in Louisville to help get those products out to the public in a targeted way. 

Solution: Assessing Two Chicks marketing situation was different since we were applying techniques for both Louisville and Lexington stores with a varying target market, Developing a custom social media marketing plan with custom imagery was #1. Remember posting on social media is free advertising! 

Since the new campaigns were doing so well we started implementing targeted Facebook and Instagram ads pushing specific products around certain events such as Christmas and the Kentucky Derby. Since online sales are so important around holidays we developed an E-commerce store to make Two Chicks available to the masses. Running with an online store was a great way to have all the products in the view of customers across the USA.

Effect: Since working with Manik Marketing on a monthly basis, we have increased Facebook followers to over 27,000 and had amazing reach of the paid Facebook/Instagram Social Media Marketing ads. Just the past 30 days (April) we had over 60 messages requesting product and store information, over 1.6K Users and over 1k NEW users. Just in the rainy month of April! Far from their best month but we want to keep it real with ya!  

Website Design
ECommerce Website - Management - Product Updating
Graphic Design
Postcards - Posters - Social Media Design
Social Media
Social Media Management - Posting