Pioneer direct marketing project overview

Pioneer Direct Marketing and Manik Marketing have a long relationship and in that time we have helped develop Pioneer Direct Marketing’s…well marketing! From working with them on their own materials to working together on many other projects, Manik and pioneer are best buds!

  • Increase brand awareness on print pieces
  • Custom graphic design elements and more!

See the work below!

Pioneer Challenge, Solution & Effect

Challenge:  Pioneer Direct Marketing is a direct mail business located in the east end of Louisville, Ky. Since working with Pioneer we have helped them with their graphic design needs for their clients as well as their own marketing efforts. Hiring a graphic designer full-time can be expensive.  Besides a salary you have to consider paid time off, health insurance, workmans comp and more. Working with the team at Manik Marketing you can get the professional, high level design without the full-time employee benefit. That’s why Pioneer works with Manik Marketing. We answer when they need us and deliver a top-tier product!

Solution: Since Pioneer partnered with Manik Marketing they now have a dedicated high level graphic designer and marketing team on their side. We work with businesses small and large and everywhere in between. Manik Marketing has delivered the solution to Pioneers design problem! Through our long relationship, we have delivered post cards, internal print material as well as sales sheets that are seen by thousands of clients. 

Effect: Pioneer see’s the benefit in working with a boutique marketing firm like Manik Marketing. Saving money and getting a top tier professional level marketing experience is #1 on Pioneer’s list and we deliver! We continue to grow our relationship with Pioneer and look forward to the future. If you are in a growing phase and need to offer design or marketing services to your clients or your own business ask us how we can work with you on a monthly basis to fit your budget and production output

Graphic Design
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