social media Marketing

Manik Marketing saw the need to create a business model that worked with small businesses on a personal, customer oriented level, utilizing digital platforms. Most Social Media platforms have now become one of the most useful marketing tools. It is a way to gain useful data for your business and reach a specific audience.

Pricing for social media management and curation is dependent on the scope of the project, constancy of posts as well as a few other factors. We pride ourselves in offering a custom plan for your social media marketing because one sandal does not fit all! We start by asking, “What are your social media marketing goals?”

Social Media Challenge, Solution, & Effect

Challenge: Most of our clients who we work with on social media management, design and consulting have a few of the same problems.

  1. Not having a custom branded social media brand on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn the list goes on and on. They all offer you a place to show custom imagery whether it be a cover image, profile image or photo gallery. These are great places the show-off your brand, office, customer reviews and build trust with customers.
  2. Not posting regularly. Only posting once or twice a year does not build trust or a great impression of prospecting customers. Allow us to work with you on creating a custom calendar and let us do all the heavy lifting with posting to every platform multiple times a week so opportunity’s don’t get missed!
  3. One of the most intimate and important rules is engaging with your customer base. This can stretch from responding to messages on social media, responding to messages as well as helping people who may have a question about your business or product. 

Solution: Partnering with Manik Marketing in your social media efforts is a guaranteed win! We create custom imagery for your pages.  We Also help you develop calender’s and posting schedules so your customer base don’t miss a special event, sale or holiday! Be everywhere!

Effect: Having a booming social media presence takes time, effort and a great plan. We want you and your business to be a front runner in your field with custom branded imagery, great posts and happy customers across all platforms. See how we helped these customers below on their social media marketing endeavors! Will you be our next success story! Call now.