Fern Creek Chamber of commerce Project Overview

We created an easy to navigate, website with a custom membership form. Signing up to become a member of the FCCACC is also an easy task with all in one payment gateway and the ability to edit and update listings. They had a great website prior but wanted a more updated look and the ability to jump in and edit, add images and more!

fern creek website

Fern creek Website design Challenge, Solution & Effect

Challenge: Fern Creek Chamber of Commerce is a great group of people and businesses who truly care about the community and each other. While hosting events in the community refurbishing their website was last on their minds. FCCACC and Manik Marketing came together on a plan to revitalize the website and make it easily updated for all FCCACC board members. Building upon what they previously had on their website Manik Marketing took cues from the community, their current branding and concerns from the board members to develop a new website.

Solution: The Fern Creek website was created with an easy to use CMS for care-free updating as well as a huge directory for all FCCACC members. This is a great spot to find a reputable, local business. With multiple new members signing up monthly keeping the signup procedure and management of the directory as simple and automatic as possible was key.

Effect: Since implementing the new signup forms on the directory the membership process is simplified saving headache and time. Since developing the new website on an easy to use CMS the new board members can easily add photos, events and more. Take a look at the new website and consider joining the Fern Creek Chamber of Commerce today!

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