Eighty 5 West Project Overview

With a new brand, a new name and a new website, a full suite of marketing power was used in the development of Eighty 5 West. Our goal was a professional, informational and clean website and brand to match their clean, professional, and concise business advising partnerships across the United States. Visit the site below. 

85 west Website & Branding Challenge, Solution & Effect

Challenge: Eighty 5 West is a brand new business although the people behind 85W are far from new to the business world. Eighty 5 West came to us with the need for a name, a website and most importantly a BRAND. A brand that means something and stays true to it’s homage of Louisville, Ky. After months of research and taking multiple points from the owner Eighty 5 West Business Advisory was created. Eighty 5 West or 85W is not only a name but the beacon of trust and leadership in the business economy. A brand that leads businesses out of the fluff and waves and into calm waters. We took the coordinates of Louisville Ky and developed those coordinates into this strong name and brand Eighty 5 West. See what other brands we have helped create here. 

Solution: No name no problem! With our experience in creative marketing, brainstorming and graphic design a brand was born. We needed a brand, website and print material to support their busy schedule. We created multiple logo formats, an informational website as well as print material and unforgettable business cards to carry on their brand.

Effect: Starting a new business is difficult. After working with Manik Marketing the team at Eighty 5 West is now proud to show off their amazing brand to the world. Take a peek at the website, branding and print material below.

Logo Design - Brand Elements - Stationary
Website Design
Custom Website - Hosting