bob ray co. project overview

Bob Ray Co’s  new website came out amazing! Along with a new updated look, the site is delivering new leads daily. We developed a social media plan as well as optimizing their Google Business page to broaden their reach and attract customers directly on the search engine. Our goal is to make BRC a memorable tree care company on search engines, websites, social media and in person. Make a simple search for Bob Ray Co. on Facebook, Instagram or Linkedin to follow the campaign!

Tree Care Website Challenge, Solutions & Effect

Bob Ray Co. Inc  is a well known, reputable tree care company in the Louisville, ky area for almost 60 years. Their history goes back even longer in the tree care industry and Kentuckiana area. With such a rich and honest history Bob Ray Co’s website needed a modern updated look to match! When BRC reached out to Manik Marketing co. in late 2018 we were so excited and honored to be able to work with such a trusted and historical company in Louisville. After learning about what their goals were we went straight to work researching the industry, competitors and developing the layout and high end look of their clean, modern online presence. 


We developed a high end website for tree service leads and GBP management for phone calls and website visits, custom branding and an informational historical page, and don’t forget a blog! Revitalizing social media to increase engagement and funnel customers to their new website to learn about Bob Ray Co, as well as tree care through the new blog.

tree care louisville website


Since launching the new website for Bob Ray Co. Leads for tree work, and tree restoration are up from their previous website form as well as an increase of website views. is now ranking in the search engines as well as a featured snippet for “Ash Tree identification.”

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