Eagle's Motel project overview

We created an easy to navigate, motel website for Eagles Motel in Taylorsville, Ky, giving them a new online presence and increasing their booking rate! In addition to the killer mobile friendly website, we have also designed custom business cards and periodically take, edit and upload new and exciting room updates of the Motel. Check them out below!

Website Design Challenge, Solution & Effect

Challenge: Nestled in Spencer County, minutes from downtown Taylorsville and Taylorsville Lake, The Eagle’s Motel has been in the community for 25 years, 13 with the current owner. A short drive from Louisville, Eagle’s Motel is a perfect spot after a long day of fishing, hunting or blazing the Bourbon Trail.

Solution: We worked with Eagle’s Motel on increasing reach to the surrounding areas through a new online small business website. The website while simple and to the point will show customers information, amenities and allow them to book a room online. Last but certainly also set up their Facebook page and Google business page. 

Effect: Through the months and years we have allowed Eagles Motel to be visible on the top 3 map pack results on Google and is still bringing in online bookings for Fishing, Bourbon Trail, Derby and more events. We increased booking rate and exposure online!

Website Design
Custom Website - Hosting - Photography
Graphic Design
Business Cards - Printing